The Revenue Operating System purpose-built for B2B SaaS teams

Some of the world's fastest growing companies count on 1sm for full channel insights, predictive analytics, increased sales meetings and cross-team alignment, through data

Combine multiple sources of sales analytics and CRM data

How it Works

View Unified Analytics

The 1sm dashboard provides revenue-generating teams with data-driven, in-depth detail on ideal customer profiles, and what resonates most with each buyer, for the first time.




Integrate & Connect

First, integrate and connect your team's favorite sales and marketing tools (that you're already using) with 1sm.

Look to the Future

1sm's forward-looking analytics use your data to predict what messaging will drive actions, clicks, meetings, and closed deals across sales outreach and ads / marketing campaigns.

The Platform

1sm provides your revenue-generating departments with a single source of truth for sales and marketing data


1sm is built to work with all the apps you already use.

Looking for an integration that’s not currently supported? Email and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Company Leadership

James Weitzman Headshot
James Weitzman

Co-Founder & CEO

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Chris Lonardo

Co-Founder & VP, Engineering

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Jordan Josloff

Co-Founder & VP, Revenue